Have a look at some of our corner solutions!

Corners can be tricky and no one want to waste the space. The solution has to involve easy access and optimal storage capacity. We offer a range of options for tacking this issue and we are always adding new designs.

Above the worktop, we offer a bespoke range of equipment garages, bespoke cabinets and/or shelves to make full use of the corners of your kitchen. Equipment garages are great for hiding away those frequently used small kitchen gadgets that are a bother to have to keep dismantling and stowing away in a lower cabinet. Tambour doors maximise worktop space, they come in a variety of finishes and it is the work of a moment to slide the coffee maker or mixer in and pull the door down.

Please  have a look at some of the options we have installed recently.

HIGGINS_793A0406 HIGGINS_793A0404 magic corner 1- Thame magic corner 3- Thame magic corner 4- Thame HIGGINS_793A0411 HIGGINS_793A0409 HIGGINS_793A0410 Equipment garage 2 - Chinnor Hill Equipment garage - Chinnor HillEquipment garageEquipment garage with door open MR_&_MRS_LADD_793A0482 MR_&_MRS_LADD_793A0481 Headington Quarry 6 Headington Quarry 5 IMG_9724 IMG_9723 IMG_9298 Hand painted, Oak worktops - Haddenham Hand painted on frames with brass butt hinges 4- Old Amersham

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WINTER OFFER: Expired but please watch for new offers



WINTER OFFER: EXPIRED but please watch for new offers

We are offering £500 toward appliances for all clients who commission us to make their kitchen during February 2016.    This offer must end on February 29th, 2016.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity give us a call on 01844 217804 to discuss your project and book a no-obligation consultation in your home.

At the home visit, Thomas will discuss your requirements and offer you expert advice on how to best achieve your dream kitchen.  We can also illustrate ideas for your kitchen using our extensive portfolio.  Christina will then prepare an initial design and costing to make and fit your new kitchen.

We look forward to hearing about your project!

Call us now on 01844 217804


Terms & conditions:

-Deposit must be placed before February 29th 2016

-Offer applies to orders of £10,000 or more including VAT

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Customer Service Award – Best of Houzz 2016

           Houzz best of 2016 award logo larger

We are very proud to announce that Simple Kitchens has won the Best of Houzz 2016 award for Customer Service.
Its the second year running.
The Houzz press release says that we have chosen by,
more than 35 million monthly unique users and from among more than one million active home building, renovating and design industry professionals’ Customer Service honours are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2015.
So, thank you to all our clients and customers.

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Our illustration versus the finished design

  Headington Quarry 2
Koch illustration

When we design a kitchen for a client we try to faithfully translate our discussions into the design and using our state-of-the-art design software, offer rendered views of how the kitchen will look once completed . . .  we tend to render the illustrations in neutral colours and of course at the time or the illustration the client very often has not chosen the type of worktop granite.

Its always good to check if we were on the money! this client chose worktop Granite in ‘Harvest Gold’. Farrow & Ball Blue Gray no 91 on the island cabinetry – Matchstick no 2013 on the rest. The bespoke wine rack and shelves are in solid oak.

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We have been approved as a Which? Trusted Trader!


Simple Kitchens has now been approved as a Which? Trusted Trader. This means we have been assessed and checked by trading standards professionals, before being endorsed.
We have also agreed to abide by the Which? Trusted Trader, code of conduct, giving our customers an extra layer of security. Here at Simple Kitchens we want to follow the best practice and procedures in how we handle: consumer contracts; payments; guarantees and many other areas. The assessment process also involved sampling a randomly picked group of customers to check their satisfaction with Simple kitchens. As we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have so many glowing testimonials we knew that any customer that was called would only give good comments!
We are proud of our achievement because it reflects our attitude and our slogan, “Our name reflects our designs…. and the way we do business.”


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Our designs versus the finished result – How did we do?

 Detail of paint work - Chinnor hill pull out bins - Chinnor Hill F&B Dix blue & oak-Chinnor hill Hand painted downdraft extractor Chinnor Hill

Designing a new kitchen is always a challenge. Our Client wanted something a little different, something that reflected the character of this beautiful 1930’s house up in the Chiltern Hills and carried that through to the sympathetic extension, his brief was quite detailed. The house has amazing views of the beech woods and down into the vale, so we needed to make sure the views were unimpeded by island extractors etc. details of the original doors are carried through and echoed in our design

here are a couple of shots of the room when we first saw the building site, and then some of the design, installation and finished kitchen….. the client chose Farrow & Ball dix blue for the handpainted doors and black Emerald Pearl Granite. The curved island doors, the curved shelves and the end panels are Oak

.unplastered kitchen van with plaster Simple Kitchen images V5 -1 the drinks area Simple Kitchen images V5 -2 view from the conservatory Curved oak and painted island - Chinnor Hill installing the island detail on end panel echoing 1930's door detail Chiltern Hills 1  view of curved island 2 - Chinnor Hill Simple Kitchen images V5 -3 2013-08-09 13.03.17 detail of paint work 2 - Chinnor hill

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Flood Resistant Kitchens

Here at Simple Kitchens we are constantly responding to our clients needs. Flood resistant Kitchens it is! Watch this space because the research, trials etc are currently going on.

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Designing a kitchen in a building made of Wychert

Designing a kitchen in a building made of Wychert

Fitting a Kitchen in a building with Wychert walls can be a challenge. These walls are built by piling the sub soil (of Wychert or white clay) in heaps alongside a plinth wall of local field limestone known as a ‘grumpling’, itself a corruption of groundling. The heaps were then thoroughly soaked, mixed with chopped straw (to make the glutinous mix workable) and laid in ‘raises’ or ‘berries’ each about 18 inches or half a metre high. As each layer dried a further layer was smacked on top, using a trident-like long handled fork. Berry was added to berry until the desired height was reached, doors, windows and floors being built in as needed. The surface is then dressed with a sharpened spade and often washed over with a diluted wash of the subsoil to provide a smooth surface. If the tops are protected from the weather and the grumplings remain above soil level a witchert wall can last for centuries and and there are many 17th-century buildings surviving in and around Haddenham & Buckinghamshire.
The issues for the kitchen designer centre about the sloping nature of the walls which are wider at the bottom and taper as the rooms height increases, and about the friable nature of the wall material. Attaching wall cabinets to Wychert walls is an interesting dilemma. Added to that our clients brief which involved fitting in a range and maximising storage. Here are a mixture of our design drawings and photos of the finished kitchen.

Elevation 1 Design Wychert cottage in Haddenham Elevation 1 Wychert cottage in Haddenham Elevation 2 Design Wychert cottage in Haddenham 2.jpg Elevation 2 Wychert cottage in Haddenham 2 Elevation 3 Design wychert cottage in Haddenham.jpg Elevation 3 wychert cottage in Haddenham Wychert cottage Haddenham Tall larder cabinets a Wychert cottage Haddenham

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