Why Beginning-to-End Service is a Must During Your Kitchen Renovation

Aug 10, 2021 | Latest News

Why Beginning-to-End Service is a Must During Your Kitchen Renovation

Through twenty-plus years of experience creating beautiful kitchens, we have learned time and time again the value of our top-to-bottom service. From the initial design to the very last brushstroke, you will have a single point of contact for your entire bespoke kitchen design process.


Benefits of a Single Point of Contact for your Kitchen Renovation

While we are very familiar with the benefits of this comprehensive approach, we know that if you’re new to the game, you may not realise exactly why this is so important. Let us pose a few questions to you to illustrate the importance of having a single point of contact for your customised kitchen design and its implementation:

Do you know a plasterer? A plumber? An electrician? A flooring specialist? A worktop company? A glass backsplash company? A decorator? A tiler? Are they all good? Are they all qualified? Can you trust each and every one of them in your home? Do you fancy getting quotes for each of these individual services and compiling them to figure out the overall cost of your kitchen renovation?

No? Then leave it to the team at Simple Kitchens, who will provide a worry-free experience for your bespoke kitchen design. Our team is certainly used to making complex projects easy for those looking to create beautiful spaces.

We understand that every kitchen renovation project is a jigsaw of multiple skilled tradespeople. Together, they come together to create the finished product: a space in the heart of your home that you can be proud of. Over the years, we have built up relationships with all the best tradespeople in the Oxfordshire and Bucks area. For our clients’ peace of mind, we have made sure each of them has a DBR criminal records check. We know that they are all fully insured and have the appropriate qualifications.

 Just as importantly, we know that they are all friendly and polite and will respect your home while they work as part of the Simple Kitchens team. They are able to work in harmony with the other tradespeople involved in your project because Simple Kitchens conducts the ensemble. After all, without the conductor at the helm, each instrumentalist in an orchestra playing on their own would simply create a cacophony. 

In addition to our excellent relationships with the local tradespeople, Thomas and Christina of Simple Kitchens have also done the job themselves. Christina is a trained furniture-maker and designer, as is Thomas. In fact, Thomas has over twenty-five years of experience in furniture-making, design, project management, and kitchen fitting. This knowledge and experience make Thomas and Christina better able to manage the work on client projects to a very high standard.


The Simple Kitchens Process, Beginning to End 

The process with each customer is unique in a way, as of course we tailor every project from start to finish to each individual customer. However, as an overview, this is what you can expect as you design a bespoke luxury kitchen with Simple Kitchens.

  1. A No-Obligation Consultation
    We will welcome you into our design kitchen showroom in Thame, Oxfordshire, or, if it’s more convenient for you, we can chat over the phone about your project. During this chat, we will arrange for a meeting at your home to discuss your needs in further detail. When you visit the showroom, you’ll see samples of doors, worktops, and clever storage solutions that will inspire your own design. We understand how big of an investment a new kitchen can be, and we always listen carefully to what aspects are important to you in order to make sure we get it right. We will also discuss budget to avoid any unwelcome surprises when you receive your quote.
  2. The Design Process
    After our in-depth discussions, it’s time for us to turn your dreams into a design. Using our state-of-the-art design software, we will make an initial design and present it to you in our showroom with a cost estimate to ensure you’re happy with the details. This design is only a starting point, and we are happy to work with you to revise and refine the design until it’s absolutely perfect in terms of your tastes, the needs for your space, and your budget.
  3. Site Survey Visit
    Once we’ve nailed down the design together, we will collect a 25% deposit from you and arrange a site survey visit. This is when your project manager, plumber, electrician, plasterer, and other Simple Kitchens team members will come together to review the details of the job. This also allows us to negotiate and schedule the work and provide final quotations for each aspect of the work. During this visit, all the details of the order will be confirmed with you, and afterwards, you’ll receive a start date for your project and a detailed schedule of works to be carried out. This is the stage where it all starts to get very real!
  4. The Fitting Process
    On the agreed-upon date, our team will arrive to remove your old kitchen and carry out any preliminary work needed. At this point, we will require a further 65% of the total cost on delivery of the new kitchen. Our team always does its best to install your kitchen as quickly as possible without sacrificing the high-end quality you’re looking for, keeping the disruption to your life at an absolute minimum. We also always do our best to ensure your access to food preparation facilities during the process, and we work as neatly as possible. And, best of all, your single point of contact will be available to help with anything along the way.
  5. A Satisfied Customer
    Isn’t this everyone’s favourite stage in the process? It’s certainly ours. When you are fully satisfied with the work that’s been carried out, we will request the final 10% of your payment. You’ll also be provided with a care pack of instructions to properly look after your beautiful new kitchen, which includes your ten-year insurance-backed guarantee certificate. We hope at this stage that you will be so satisfied that you won’t be able to help yourself showing your kitchen off to family and friends and sharing your experience with positive reviews. We stand by our work, so you are welcome to contact your trusty single point of contact at any time after we have completed the work if you have any questions or need support.

Having a single point of contact for your kitchen renovation is just one of the benefits of using our team of luxury kitchen designers. In the end, all of the benefits will combine to create a space that is truly your own, customised to your exact wants and needs and to your personal tastes.

 We would love to set up a time to chat with you at our kitchen design showroom in Thames. During your no-obligation consultation, we can talk through all of the design aspects you would like to see in your brand-new bespoke kitchen design. Let us do the rest, and you’ll be left with a kitchen to wow your guests and make you feel truly at home.

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