Why is the Kitchen the Heart of Your Home?

Sep 13, 2021 | Latest News

Why is the Kitchen the Heart of Your Home?

You’ll hear the phrase “heart of the home” applied to your kitchen time and time again by kitchen designers, in magazines, and even on home design television shows. It’s true: the kitchen is oftentimes the natural hub of your home, but why?

It’s probably not a surprise to hear that the team at Simple Kitchens is passionate about…well, kitchens! We love nothing more than figuring out how your space can best work for you and your family. A huge part of the initial stages of our design work comes from envisioning your kitchen as the heart of your home and figuring out how that heart can serve you best.

We had a little think, and we think we have figured out why we view the kitchen as the heart of the home…

1. Everyone needs a kitchen.
Many rooms in our houses are optional. They’re rooms we like, but we could make do without them if we absolutely had to. These are things like the children’s playroom or the office. The kitchen, though, is irrefutable. You have to have one! Everyone has to eat, and the kitchen is the place those meals are created. Just like your body couldn’t function without its heart, your house could not function without its kitchen.

2. Food nourishes our families.
Food is not only how we physically nourish our bodies, but enjoying a meal together also helps grow our familial bonds. The physical aspect is not to be underestimated, what with the childhood obesity rate being far higher than it was in years past. A beautiful and functional kitchen allows you an open space to create healthy meals that will set up good eating habits for your children for the rest of their lives. On top of that, enjoying a meal together as a family at the end of a busy day of work and school allows everyone to come back together. It allows for open communication over a tasty meal, magic that can only be created in the kitchen.

3. The entire family uses the kitchen.
A good deal of our time at home is spent in private rooms, whether that is in our bedrooms, in the office, or the playroom. However, every person in a household uses the kitchen. It’s a natural place to congregate, but even outside of mealtimes, you’re likely to pass a family member in the kitchen. Pop in for a quick glass of water, and you’re sure to see someone rummaging in the refrigerator for a snack, sitting up at the barstools at the worktop working on homework, or washing their hands after a fun time playing in the garden. This aspect of your kitchen makes it the heart of the home even more so because it’s where you’ll always find the rest of your family.

4. It’s a space for fun activities.
We often think of our kitchens as a functional space to cook our meals (which it should be!), but a well-designed kitchen will have space for other fun family activities. Your children can learn to cook and bake in the kitchen. If they’re still a bit too young for that, why not have a bit of family fun icing a cake or biscuits together? Generous worktop space can also allow for you to do arts and crafts in the heart of your home if you so choose, though of course we recommend making sure your worktops are covered to avoid any marker pens or stray paint leaving a permanent mark!

5. It sets the tone for your entire home.
An upgraded kitchen undoubtedly ups the resale value on your house more so than any other room in your home, but a bespoke kitchen design makes it count in more than just pound signs. A gorgeous custom kitchen design can take a mealtime from a small part of your day to an experience, whether this is a day-to-day meal or a special occasion. Having a bright and airy space to prepare your meals and spend time with your loved ones turns a house into a home, and it will improve any day.

We look after our hearts, so why not look after the hearts of our homes? For a team of luxury kitchen designers, look no further than Simple Kitchens. We understand how important the kitchen is to the feel of your entire home, and we want to help you make it the very best it can be.

With a single point of contact from start to finish, you’ll get the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors juggling different jobs, which inevitably results in delays and mishaps. Instead, the team at Simple Kitchens in Thame will handle everything for you, executing your dream to perfection.

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